Bathtub Conversions

Shower and Bathtub Conversions

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  • We try to be as efficient as possible with our time and yours.
  • We meet with you at your home, take measurements and give you a quote right on the spot.
  • We then offer incentives for making a purchase during our first visit.

Simply said, if we had to return to a potential customer’s home every time we went out, we would do half the business. On the other hand, if we are efficient, we can offer larger savings to all our customers giving you the best price for your shower or cultured marble tub in Phoenix, AZ.

How Long Does It Take?

Once you’ve made the decision to have us build a fresh beautiful new shower or bathtub area, we’ll put you in the schedule. Usually, within a couple of weeks your shower conversion in Phoenix, AZ is completed. The build itself takes only two days. If we are installing a new shower door, add one more day.

The Process

Day One)

  • Demo/Remove shower or tub
  • Demo/Remove wall material to the studs
  • Replumb as required
  • Install new green-board

Day Two)

  • Install new shower pan/floor or bathtub
  • Install new cast stone slab wall system
  • Install new plumbing trim kit

Day Three)

  • (Optional) Install new glass door


These cast stone slabs are designed easy-to-clean. The main thing to remember when cleaning the surface is to never use abrasive cleaners or abrasive sponges or cloths. The surface is very similar to what is on the outside of a boat so you can clean and care for it the same way as you would a boat. Use soft cloths and cleaners such as:

  • Top Job
  • Lysol
  • Mr. Clean
  • Scrubbing Bubbles
  • Pinesol
  • Basin, Tub, & Tile cleaner
  • Clean Shower
  • Clorox Cleanup
  • Soft Scrub’s green gel
Frio Shower Display H

There are a lot of other cleaners that can be used. If you’re not sure it’s safe, you can rub the cleaner between your fingers; if you feel any grit don’t use it. However, if your product has a matte finish, a mild abrasive cleaner can be used occasionally.

You can also mix equal amounts of water and white vinegar which is a good cleaning solution to take off water spots.