The Worst Bathroom Cleaners and Some Safer Alternatives

You should be very careful about the kinds of cleaning products you purchase at the store. There are some that are highly caustic and toxic. While they can be quite effective, they are also potentially hazardous, both to your health and to the environment. Here are a few examples of some of the worst bathroom […]

What Is Green Board?

In the past, building contractors were largely confined to old-fashioned routine drywall when constructing any room in the home. This easy-to-make material was (and remains) used in homes around the United States. While drywall works in most circumstances, it does have one fatal flaw: when it’s exposed to moisture for too long, it can encounter […]

Maintenance Tips for a Marble Shower

When you’re taking the time and money to remodel your bathroom, you undoubtedly want to get the most value for your money. That’s why it’s important to explore the possibilities of a marble shower in your home. Marble showers provide numerous benefits for homeowners. They improve your property value, which means that you are getting […]

Does Your Home Need a Bathtub?

In today’s high-speed society, it can be tough to see the value in a bathtub. As adults, a lot of us think of our bathing time as something we do to get clean. It’s a get-in-and-get-out kind of situation. If you’re of that mindset, you may have convinced yourself that you don’t need a bathtub […]

How to Keep Your Tyvarian Clean

Since the first homes were being decorated thousands of years ago, stone and marble have been prized for their durability, quality and elegance. These natural substances are the perfect accent to any décor. Of course, that style has always cost a pretty penny, as well. For ages, homeowners around the world have scrimped and saved […]