Does Your Home Need a Bathtub?

In today’s high-speed society, it can be tough to see the value in a bathtub. As adults, a lot of us think of our bathing time as something we do to get clean. It’s a get-in-and-get-out kind of situation. If you’re of that mindset, you may have convinced yourself that you don’t need a bathtub […]

How to Keep Your Tyvarian Clean

Since the first homes were being decorated thousands of years ago, stone and marble have been prized for their durability, quality and elegance. These natural substances are the perfect accent to any décor. Of course, that style has always cost a pretty penny, as well. For ages, homeowners around the world have scrimped and saved […]

Why Updating Your Shower Will Bring Value to Your Home

More and more customers in our region are looking at ways to increase the potential values of their homes. Many tend to focus on exterior improvements, or “curb appeal,” but many are starting to consider the value of renovating and updating interior areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Increasing home value in Phoenix, AZ is the […]

How Was Tyvarian Created?

Tyvarian is an interesting option for countertops that more and more customers are considering. The development of new cultured marble in Phoenix, AZ is an interesting story that speaks to inventiveness, necessity and cleverness. The creation of Tyvarian boils down to a company that was basically desperate to stay viable and pulled out all the […]

What Is Tyvarian?

If you’ve been considering a bathroom remodel, you might have come across Tyvarian when researching your options. So, what is Tyvarian, and how does it compare to other cultured marble products? Let’s find it. What makes Tyvarian different? Tyvarian is a type of cultured marble that offers all the benefits of cultured marble, but it […]