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Three Tips to Slash the Cost of Your Phoenix Shower Replacement

When you’re looking at getting a Phoenix shower replacement, you’re trying to make a great investment. Shower upgrades improve the value of the home and its “sell-ability”. More than that, a new shower will bring you more enjoyment than most changes you can make to a house. Being able to truly relax and bask in a luxurious shower is an irreplaceable feeling. That said, everyone has a budget, and if you want to keep to yours, you might want some tips to help you keep costs down. There are three things you can do that will save you tons of money on a shower replacement, and none of them are terribly difficult.

Shop Around

It’s pretty general advice, but shopping around saves money on supplies. For a shower, your biggest costs are usually tile and glass. Once you determine your design, shop around long and hard to see if you can get a good deal. In addition to checking standard suppliers, you can look for second-hand deals from places like Craig’s List. You might also be able to buy from surplus resellers at a great price.

Avoid DIY Mistakes

There are plenty of DIY projects, and doing them yourself will save money. As you move up in scope and difficulty, it can become the case that doing it yourself (assuming you’re not an expert) will actually cost more money.

Shower replacement is a large project. It involves demolition, wall replacement, plumbing, tiling and possibly even more. You’re going to need experience in six different disciplines to do the job, and mistakes will add up quickly.

In many cases, it is actually cheaper to let a pro handle the job from the start. More importantly, getting a pro in on the job as early as possible can offer insight that helps you avoid costly decisions with cheaper alternatives. For instance, a pro might be able to refurbish or refinish parts of the shower and save you the cost of replacement.

Get Creative

Shower remodel items are goods in a marketplace. What that means is that the most popular styles will usually be the most expensive. You can get creative and get away from the most popular ideas. That will allow you to choose from less expensive materials and save money, and because you’re taking a creative approach, you still get an amazing and beautiful shower.

If you want to set yourself up for the best possible outcome at the beginning of this process, have a conversation with a seasoned veteran. Contact us, and we’ll share our insights and years of experience with you to help you plan a Phoenix shower replacement that looks amazing, improves your showering experience and saves you money at every turn.

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