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Lighting tips to show off your shower

So, you’ve planned out the perfect bathroom redesign. You’re going with gorgeous custom marble or granite work and an utterly refreshing waterfall-style showerhead. You added heated flooring to warm up your toes on cool mornings. You even sprang for a steam mechanism so you can sweat the stresses of the day away or wake yourself up before you get to the coffee pot. Your new bathroom is going to look magnificent… provided you can actually see anything. When you’re remodeling your bathroom, it’s crucial that you structure the lighting to maximize both your comfort and the décor.

If you’re looking for tips for showcase lighting for a shower in Phoenix, AZ, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s critical to light the shower

A lot of homeowners overlook the importance of including lighting directly above the shower. They assume that if there’s enough light outside the shower, things will be fine. The result is that they accidentally turn their shower into a dark, drab space. There’s no sense in putting in specialized tile work if you can’t see it! That’s why it’s essential to put at least one light in your shower. Your senses will thank you.

Think about recessed lighting

One of the most popular tips for showcase lighting for showers in Phoenix, AZ is the inclusion of recessed lighting. Recessed lighting offers a minimal aesthetic to your shower. It also typically means encasing the lighting in a waterproof housing that will prevent electrical shorts. Adding some recessed lighting to your shower stall can brighten the space and improve your enjoyment of your new shower.

How big is the space?

Adding some alternative lighting to your shower is essential, of course. That said, you shouldn’t go overboard with the lights. You don’t want to feel as though you’re under a spotlight when you’re showering. Typically, a moderately-sized bathroom should require a master light above the bathroom mirror, plus one in your shower stall. It’s usually that simple.

Consider dimmable lighting

When you use your new shower and redesigned bathroom, you’ll inevitably approach the bathing process from a variety of different moods. In the morning, before work, you’ll want to prep for the day underneath crisp, bright light. Later in the day, however, you might want to refresh yourself in a more intimate, dimly-lit environment. You can have it both ways—all you have to do is put your bathroom lights on a dimmer.

Come to the remodel pros

If you need more tips for showcase lighting a shower in Phoenix, AZ, come to AZ BathMasters. We have more than 35 years of experience offering stunning bathroom renovations to clients throughout the greater Phoenix area. Since 1984, our customers have relied on AZ BathMasters for high-quality service and competitive prices.

With our patented fast turnaround, you can go from having a drab space to the bathroom of your dreams in no time. We’re ready and waiting to make you a believer—give us a call today to find out more!

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