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AZ BathMasters Now Offers Tile For Your Bathroom Remodel


AZ BathMasters is a locally owned and operated bathroom remodeling company specializing in Cultured Marble Tyvarian shower and tub conversions, walk-in-showers, and tub and shower side-by-sides. Our conversions produce a fresh, clean, and beautiful atmosphere and with over 200 color and design choices we know you will find just what you are looking for.

At AZ Bathmasters, we’ve been doing bathroom remodels for a long time. We have recently secured a tile supplier that allows us to help you get great deals on good tile for any remodel. With this, we can perform an even more impressive remodel for your bathroom while working to save you money along the way.

Great Tile for Remodels

Quality tile is an amazing material for bathroom remodels. You can get tile that looks great. With every color under the sun and countless style and aesthetic choices, there is a tile that is perfect for every bathroom.

While it looks great, it also performs well. Tile is tough and durable. You can expect it to last for a very long time. Even while it does, it protects the bathroom from water damage.

With all of these benefits, tile is also easy to maintain. You can clean it with little effort, and depending on the tile you choose, it can also resist the growth of molds, bacteria and other microbes.

Custom Designs With Tile

When you work with AZ Bathmasters, you get access to amazing tile. You also get professional design help. We will come to you and look at your bathroom. We’ll work with you to understand exactly what you have in mind for your remodel.


We’ll help you browse tile selections, and they will all come together in a custom design that is sure to delight you. Whether you are looking at shower surrounds, floors, walls or any other part of your bathroom, we’ll make sure the tile looks great.

Professional Installation

Naturally, you want the job done right. After finalizing the design with you, we’ll take care of the professional installation. Your tile will be put in correctly from the start. You can trust that it will look great when it is finished and last a long time. That’s what you get when you partner with AZ Bathmasters for your bathroom remodel.

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