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Tips for Planning a Successful Bathroom Remodel

We connect with the bathroom many times a day, but when looking to construct a new one or invest in remodeling an existing one, we can feel separated. Between the money invested and the time it takes to know what’s a good move, challenges arise. So, let’s explore the ways to incorporate your personal style within a budget to create the bathroom of your dreams.

Tip #1: Acknowledge Your Budget

In the planning stages of renovating your bathroom, be prepared for some unexpected surprises. Experts recommend adding 20 percent to your plan in place to cover unexpected costs. You might change your mind during the course of construction that will add on to the final bill.

Tip #2: Choosing Your Installations

Do you need a smaller toilet or a bathtub that accommodates children or seniors easily? Are you ready for a higher seated potty or want to upgrade to a luxurious bathing zone? These areas are the most vital when discussing your bathroom model in Arizona or anywhere in the world.

Tip #3: Consider Ventilation

The dampness in bathrooms is unavoidable just as much as the smells that result from the natural ‘incidences’ we deal with daily. High temperatures and excessive humidity can become a real issue when doing a bathroom remodel in Arizona. To create a more comfortable space along with meeting coding laws and staving off mold and mildew, don’t overlook ventilation by installing window vents or exhaust fans.

Tip #4: Lighting Planning

Lighting can have a major impact on how we ‘see’ ourselves, and smaller spaces can drab down the overall image—but it can be an issue in larger rooms too. Consider central lighting in addition to wall sconces above the vanity zone that gives you a better presentation of the full picture.

Tip #5: Plan for Accessible Outlets

That hair dryer or rechargeable toothbrush needs to be connected, be sure you have accessible outlets in place for them. If you are doing a double vanity, go ahead and invest in the extra outlets. Don’t forget surge protection on these, because water and electricity can be a deadly combination!

Tip #6: Be Grout Smart

If you plan to use tile on surrounds, don’t hesitate to be bold with color. The darker the grout is, the less those ‘dirty’ marks will show—even when you clean them diligently. Your bathroom renovation expert will be invaluable in determining the best hues to complement your bathroom.

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