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what to consider with materials for you bathroom remodel


AZ BathMasters is a locally owned and operated bathroom remodeling company specializing in Cast Stone Tyvarian slabs shower and tub conversions, walk-in-showers, and tub and shower side-by-sides. Our conversions produce a fresh, clean, and beautiful atmosphere and with over 200 color and design choices we know you will find just what you are looking for.

Bathroom remodels are amazing. You get to transform one of the most used spaces in a house into something you truly love. For most people, bathroom remodels give them the most satisfaction, and it’s a financially sound investment. Bathroom remodels tend to return the most value for a home. All of that said, with any remodel, you have a ton of decisions to make. Down to the tiniest fixture, your new bathroom is going to be what you pick. That’s why you want to have a clear notion of what materials are best. There are way more bathroom materials available than you would want to read in a single sitting. Instead of boring you with a master list, we can make this idea a lot easier. You can compare any bathroom material by looking at how it ranks on three metrics: longevity, maintenance and aesthetics

Consider Longevity

Obviously, you want bathroom materials that last a long time so you don’t have to replace them. The right material depends on the application, but there are materials that are known for longevity for each part of the bathroom. For bathtubs, porcelain and metal (primarily copper and steel) are known for their toughness. For showers and floors, ceramic tiles do great work. For counters, finished stone tends to last the longest.

Make Maintenance Easy

When it comes to maintaining bathroom materials, waterproofing is everything. You already understand that you want to avoid anything that will rust or otherwise be compromised by water.

What is commonly overlooked is that you want non-porous materials. Anything with even microscopic pores can hold water, and that is a haven for growing mold and mildew. If you want to minimize how hard you scrub the new bathroom, avoid pores. Ceramics, porcelain and stainless steel are great in this respect. Natural stone is the worst, unless it has a glossy finish.

Make Sure You Like the Look

The third major consideration is aesthetics. This is where the choice is entirely up to you. There is no objectively prettiest option. Some people love natural stone colors. Some like white soaking tubs. Others go for the modern industrial look. There are no limits to the choices when it comes to aesthetics. As long as your materials of choice are good for longevity and maintenance, you can pick whatever look you prefer.

When you keep these three principles in mind, you can hand pick bathroom materials that you love. While you’re reviewing your options, never hesitate to ask AZ Bathmasters how any material does in terms of longevity and maintenance.