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Why the Design Phase Makes or Breaks Remodeling Projects

Bathroom remodels can be a lot of things. They can involve very simple changes that still completely transform the look and feel of the place. They can also be involved, major projects that literally rip out and replace everything in your bathroom.

They can be anything in between as well.

When you’re considering a serious remodel, you should know that things typically happen in a few specific stages. First, you design the remodel. Then, the pros start with demolition. After that, they install all of the new stuff, and in the end, you have a remodeled bathroom. It’s important to understand just how essential the first step really is. Your remodel project will live or die by the design stage, so here is what you can expect from designing your remodel and why it matters so much.

Pick Aesthetics

Naturally, the design stage is where you figure out what you want your new bathroom to look like. There’s a good chance that you have strong ideas in this regard before you even consider hiring a contractor. But, if you work with a professional, they can help give shape to your ideas and guide you through experience and knowledge. They can also suggest ideas that you might not even know are possible.

This is where most people who want a remodel get to have the most fun. You explore ideas, and by the time the design phase is completed, you’ll have a clear picture of your new bathroom and what to expect.

Fix the Budget

The design phase is also where you select the scope of the remodels, the materials to be used, and any material expenses involved. If you need a new bathtub, vanity, toilet, or anything else, you’ll select the exact models that you want during design.

Because of this, you can more or less fix your budget during the design stage. Remodels always have a little bit of variance (sometimes contractors find problems after demolition), but for the most part, you can design around your budget, and designing first helps to save money and stick to your intended budget. When it comes to managing money, designing your remodel is the most important part of the whole thing.

Comply With Regulations

It’s also important to remember that building codes exist, and your remodel needs to adhere to them. Part of the reason you want to partner with a professional for your remodel design is that they will take building code into account from the beginning. They can point out potential issues with some of the things you want and show you how to get to a bathroom you love without violating codes.


At the same time, through their experience, they can help you think about efficient ways to make your new bathroom compliant with all regulations, and that can save tons of money on the remodeling process. You can avoid expensive problems like cutting through concrete foundations or moving ventilation in the bathroom.

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There’s one more advantage to designing your plans before a remodel. You can figure out exactly what is in store for your remodel before you commit to anything. If you want to explore a few design ideas, then contact us today. We’ll be happy to discuss options, and you can start to get a clear picture of your remodel.


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