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Tub conversion & customization

Bathroom remodels have long been one of the best ways to transform a home. In Scottsdale, improving the bathroom can net big returns on the value of the house. Perhaps more importantly, those remodels can transform how you feel in your own home.

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, one of the best places to start is with bath conversion services. You can get major changes to the bathroom while preserving the underlying structure and plumbing. This saves a ton of money and allows you to focus more on the finished bathroom without having to worry as much about unexpected problems and costs.

Personalized Services

We aren’t just installing cookie-cutter bathroom materials on a factory line. We are all about personalized services. We want to help you find a custom design that works perfectly for your bathroom. We will work with you through design and selection. Once you have everything figured out, we’ll professionally install your choices. Our technicians are fast and efficient. We’ll work around your schedule to make the process as convenient as possible, and in less time than you expect, you’ll have a perfectly remodeled bathroom.

Full Bathroom Remodel

Shower Replacement

Walk-in tubs

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Affordable Conversions

Despite personalization and customization, you aren’t going to have to pay outrageous premiums for your upgrades. We use completely transparent pricing, so you’ll understand the financial impacts of every choice you have before you. If you want to save money, we’ll help you find affordable options. If there’s an area where you want to splurge, we’ll still help you look at cost-effective ways to get what you want.We don’t believe that a bath conversion service should require a second mortgage. We enjoy helping the people of Scottsdale get affordable upgrades.

High Quality Materials

Even while we’re saving you money, we’re going to provide you with quality materials. We favor baths made from acrylic. The material is very strong, safe and easy to maintain. Your new bath won’t just be gorgeous. It will stay that way with little effort on your part.Bath conversion services can completely reimagine your bathroom. It’s a major upgrade without the major cost. The efficiency of converting what is already in place allows you to get more change for your investment, and it gives you more freedom in what you can choose as a final product.If you want to really explore this idea, give us a call today. We’ll discuss your current bathroom and what you would like to change. We’ll work with you to craft a new image that can turn your bathroom into a masterpiece. And, when you’re ready, we’ll get the work done with our personalized services that are designed to make the process as easy on you as possible.

Exeptional installations

The items we install are intended to be permanent. We want them to last a very long time, and we want the quality of enjoyment you derive from them to last just as long. Using the best materials allows us to live up to these ideals, and it ultimately allows us to provide you with the best possible bathroom remodel.