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Bathtub Installation in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas

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When you want a better bathroom but you aren’t ready for a complete remodel, you should consider a bathtub installation in Phoenix. It’s a great compromise that can dramatically upgrade your bathroom without leaving it inaccessible for weeks during a remodel. We offer every option you could want with bathtubs.

If quality is what you seek then allow us to create a custom bathing area for you. We can install from a simple porcelain over steal bathtub, to a porcelain over cast iron tub, and then there’s the people’s choice… our beautiful white acrylic soaking tub with vertical side walls 22 inches tall.  Which ever you choose we are the professionals to get it done and done right.

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Bathtub Installation Process

  • Demo wet area or side by side area as required to studs
  • Remove bathtub or shower floor/pan
  • Remove all tile, fiberglass, cultured marble, and other present wall material
  • Haul all removal from the property and discard
  • Frame if required
  • Replumb as required
  • Green board
  • FRP
  • Cast stone slab floor or bathtub as required
  • Cast stone wall panels
  • Corner shelves
  • Curb and finish trim
  • Plumbing trim
  • Glass door or panel if required

On every tub to tub conversion, or shower to shower conversion the process is generally the same.

  • Start with your free in-home consultation
  • Choose bathtub style and color
  • Choose Tyvarian wall slab color and accents
  • Choose edge finish… Pencil of Schluter
  • Choose corner shelves
  • Choose trim kit and color (Valve & Head) – Chrome, Brushed Nickel, ORB, etc.
  • Schedule and wait for your installation date
  • Celebrate!
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Free-Standing Tubs

Free-standing tubs are about luxury and quality of life. They are for basking and soaking. These are the tubs you see in luxury pictures or listings. If you’ve imagined people wanting to take a video tour of your home, there should be a free-standing tub in the master bathroom.

We offer a good selection of incredible tubs. We can handle all of the installation, and we can even do remodeling to make sure the new tub fits properly into your bathroom.

New Tub Wall Surrounds

If you aren’t going with a free-standing tub, you need a wall surround. You can really get custom with how you enjoy your tub. The wall surround will be beautiful. You can choose stone, tile, glass or any other surface that makes the room look great. We’ll help you design it, and with a professional bathtub installation, you will know that there are no leaks or worries with your new wall surround.

tyvarian bathroom wall surrounds

Side by Sides

When you want the best of every world, you want a side by side shower and bathtub. This is not a combo shower/tub. That’s a different animal. The side by side means you get a fully personalized shower that looks amazing and has all of your preferred features. Next to it, but still independent, is your bathtub. It can be just as custom and breathtaking as the shower.

The ultimate advantage of side by sides is space. We aren’t cramming a tub and shower together to make them fit in a tiny bathroom. We are unleashing them so that you can live in luxury every single day.

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Most importantly, we can handle all of the plumbing with your bathtub installation. If pipes or drains need to move, we’ll take care of it. When we’re done, your professionally installed bathtub will be as reliable as it is gorgeous. Contact us today to get started choosing how you want your Phoenix bathtub installation to look.

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