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There comes a point where bathtubs need to be replaced. Sometimes that is because they are worn out or dated. Other times it’s because the needs of the household shift. For the latter, walk-in tubs can be a great solution to a few problems.

A new walk-in tub is great for accessibility and safety. They come in many varieties, and they can help someone maintain autonomy while improving their quality of life.

Great Features for Your Walk-In Tub

The great thing about walk-in tubs is that you can get all of the features that you need. The signature feature is the swinging tub door that allows access to the tub without the need to step up or over the sidewalls of the tub. That alone is invaluable, but many other features can add value to the tub.

Many walk-in tubs come with a tub bench seat. That makes it easier to use the tub and ultimately get out of it when bathing or soaking is finished. Pair that with a moveable spray nozzle, and the tub adds tons of accessibility to bathing.

You can also get whirlpool and air-jet nozzles that turn the tub into a therapy unit. Add an onboard heater, and you can maintain water temperature for a long soak.

The tubs also can include quick-fill faucets and fast drains that require less time and management, making the tubs easier and safer to use.

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If any of this sounds good, let AZ Bathmasters help you with your new tub. We can show you a great selection and help you get the best rates on your new tub. We can also professionally install it. We’ll make quick work of the job to maximize convenience, and because it is installed correctly, you can rely on your tub to last a long time. We want to take care of you if you’ll let us.