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Tyvarian is a product that is bringing art and innovation to bathroom surfaces.

Tyvarian products are manufactured with a new technology that incorporates high definition images into cast stone slabs. This Tyvarian process provides the look of natural stone, granite, travertine, onyx and other designs you will fall in love with.

Our stylish new product line combines durability and easy maintenance with color and design capabilities limited only by your imagination.

Tyvarian’s advancements in high-definition imaging technology are causing homeowners to recognize and value that shower walls have never looked so good or performed so well. With this material your shower makeover will bring long-lasting value and durability to your home.


Product Applications

Shower walls and floors,Tub surrounds, splashes, skirts, bases,Decorative wall panels,Commercial applications

Product Benefits

Amazing design possibilities,The look of stone without the expense,easy to clean,moisture and mildew resistant,grout free surfaces,scrub resistant,UV Resistant,Environmentally Responsible

Is it Durable?


Not only does Tyvarian cast stone slabs provide additional style and color, it has rock solid test results showing its passing grade on industry standard tests, including scrubbability and UV resistance.

Sandpaper and UV light are no match for Tyvarian; you won’t have to worry about colors fading or scrubbing away.

Our manufacturer takes the industry standards very seriously, which is why they have gone through the effort to get the necessary testing done to ensure compliance with these standards. The first test conducted was the scrub-ability test. This is a 10,000-cycle test to see how much color loss occurs after 10,000 cycles of scrubbing. In order to pass, this test you can only have an amount of 5% image loss After the 10,000 cycles of scrubbing, Tyvarian had absolutely ZERO color loss. The second test conducted was the UV resistance test. This is a 200-hour test that mimics 10 years of sunlight exposure. Tyvarian also passed this test with flying colors.

In addition to the formal tests that conducted, they also put a sample on the roof and then after a year compared it to another sample that had been put in a drawer. They looked virtually identical! Tyvarian is the material to use if you are looking to redo your shower.

Tyvarian is a lasting impression and performs beyond all expectations.