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Tub and Shower Conversions

Upgrade your outdated tub to a beautiful walk in shower or an old shower into a beautiful new tub with AZ Bathmasters.  Once you’ve made a decision to have us build a fresh beautiful new shower or bathtub, we will order your material to be casted, put you in the schedule and have you on your way to your new bathroom.

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Tub shower combo

Are you looking for a tub shower side by side? AZ BathMasters has got you covered.

Tub to shower

Are you looking for tub to shower? AZ BathMasters has got you covered.

Shower to tub

Are you looking for a shower to tub? AZ BathMasters has got you covered.

Classic and Updated Shower Options

We want you to be able to choose from the best, so that is what we offer. There are countless ways to design a shower, and when you find the one that speaks to you, you’ll know.

  • A common option is to go with glass. Glass doors and sidings always look good. You can go with a pull door, a sliding door or a walk-in (no door). Using glass right is what gives your new shower a modern feel.
  • Wrap-around showers give you a ton of space to turn your bathing time into a time of relaxation and enjoyment. They are all about elegance and luxury.
  • Barrier-free showers simplify things but still look great. Where you would have an outer wall is empty space that makes the shower more accessible and less claustrophobic.

How much is a tub to shower conversion?

The best waterproofing methods for a shower

Of course the shower walls and surround design is vital, and we have enough options to make your head spin. When you find the right design, it completes the shower and makes you pause in enjoyment.

Our Speedy and Reliable Installation Process

When we professionally upgrade your tub into an amazing shower, or your shower into an eye catching tub there is a process to it. We start by removing what is there. The old tub is out of the way so we can get to work. From there, we will fix and alter plumbing as needed. It’s plenty common for these upgrades to require us to relocate a drain or a water source. When plumbing is done, we can install the new green board. This provides strength and durability to the shower structure. From there, we can replace the flooring and the outer wall to make them look amazing. Lastly, we install shower components and go through the finishing touches. When we’re done, you won’t even recognize your bathroom anymore. When you are looking for a tub to shower conversion in Phoenix, we want to be your last stop. We’ll help you every step of the way to ensure that your new shower is every bit as amazing as you expect it to be.


  • Sliding glass doors
  • Pull out glass doors
  • pull or sliding plastic doors
  • Shower rod
  • walk in – no doors
  • walk in – wrap around shower 
  • (Optional) Install new glass door
  • PLEASE NOTE: All of our glass is special order and takes between 3 and 7 days to be made. We have it installed in one day. Day three is then pushed out from day two.

We are licensed and bonded professionals who can ensure your tub to shower conversion including the pluming is done the right way. we offer savings to all of our customers giving you the best price for your shower or bathtub conversion. 480.709.6442

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tub conversion

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