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Surprise Arizona is located in the northwest Phoenix Metropolitan area and was incorporated in 1960 with a population of 143,148 as of 2020. If your looking for the best bathroom remodelers in the Arizona we are the team your looking for. As bathroom remodelers who have been working in the valley for over 30 years of experience to perfect our craft and provide a competitive price.

We are a remodeling company but we don’t do kitchen remodel nor do we even look at your surprise kitchen or cabinets, the only cabinets we look at are your shower or medicine cabinets because we are solely bathroom remodelers. As a general contractor we have learned that everyone has an idea of the dream bathroom, and few of us live in that dream world. The thing is, you can have an amazing bathroom, and when you strategize well, you can get that bathroom for an affordable price whether its a master bath or guest bathrooms. The bathroom remodelers at AZ Bathmasters are specialists and we have proven methods that can garner you the best results from carefully targeted investments.

Professional Bathroom Remodeling Services:

Full Bathroom Remodel

Bathtub Installation

Shower Replacement

Tub And Shower Conversions

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Bathroom Contractors with Over 3 Decades of Experience

One of the best ways to invigorate your home improvement is to upgrade your bathroom, bath, countertops, or showers with high quality materials like cast stone slabs and high tech polymer acrylic without spending too much money. one way is to opt for a shower or tub conversion. You can turn a standing shower into a tub or a tub into an enclosed shower, depending on what you want. Either option allows you to upgrade the bathing fixtures and the aesthetic, and they produce a powerful impact on the look and feel of the bathroom.

Surprise bathroom remodel

Major Replacements And Renovations

We provide high quality tile work for countertops, showers, and wall surrounds. Also providing granite countertops, and custom cabinets to compliment your new bath, or shower. If you have something specific in mind, major replacements might be better than a streamlined conversion. You can get your dream shower with new tile, stone or another wall lining. You can make everything look magnificent and upgrade to the best — like installing rainfall showerheads. With AZ Bathmasters, we can help you plan your big upgrade. When you’re satisfied with the idea, we’ll handle the work, and you’ll get a professional remodel. Because you took the time to avoid the most encumbering changes, the remodel will take less time and cost less money. If your looking for afforadble high quality renovations contact your local bathroom team when your ready.

Design a Beautiful New Shower Or Bath With Our Bathtub conversion specialists in arizona

AZ Bathmasters can perform efficient high quality tub or shower conversions that give you the biggest results from the smallest investments. We only focus on the bathroom not kitchen and bath. Bath remodeling is something we have worked to perfect and provide high quality service whether its a master bathroom, shower, or bathtub remodels. Call the leading professionals today. Have a few questions or need more information on your home renovation? Go ahead and give us a call we would love to answer any questions you have during your initial consultation. Our entire team is dedicated to providing you the best work possible. Keep in mind we are not a kitchen and bathroom company, we solely focus on your bathroom only.

Our Simple Arizona Bathroom Project Steps

If you have ever wanted to change anything about your bathroom, you are not alone. Bathroom remodels are popular for a reason. They lead to meaningful improvements in your daily life, and they can add value to a home. If you want to think more seriously about what you could do with a bathroom remodel, take a quick journey with us. We can get you through the whole process in three easy steps.


Consult With an Expert

AZ Bathmasters offers free in-home consultation. We’ll look at your bathroom, discuss what you want, and work with you to plan a vision for your bathroom. Whether you are looking for small and efficient changes or a complete teardown and rebuild, we can help you cultivate your plan.


Pick Your Parts

This is where ideas start to take solid form. You can pick the specific parts and products that you want us to install. While you are browsing, we can get you special deals on Tyvarian stone slabs and BCI components. Whatever you pick, we’ll help you get it all ordered for the remodel.


Let The Pros Install

The final step is where we do all the work. We will come and professionally install everything. You can trust that it will be beautiful and work well when we’re done. We aim to work with efficiency to get your bathroom back online as quickly as possible — without sacrificing quality. When we’re done, you will have a gorgeous new bathroom that you love.

bathroom remodel in surprise before

Full Bath Renovations – Before

bathroom remodel in surprise after

Full Bath Renovations – After

Why We Are The Top Company In Surprise AZ

Sometimes, the right answer is to gut the bathroom and completely redo everything. This is a bigger investment of time and money, but it’s the way to get exactly what you want. It can also raise the value of your entire property when it’s executed properly. That’s why you want the remodeling contractors at AZ Bathmasters doing the job. Our expertise will ensure that everything is of the highest quality and installed to perfection. You’ll have the ultimate bathroom, and you’ll be able to enjoy it for many years to come. If you decide to sell, your investment will be reflected in the value of the house. There’s only one way to get the bathroom you really want in Arizona. Contact AZ Bathmasters today so we can get started on your bathroom and please check out some of our reviews.

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