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Feel Safe And Secure With A Surprise Walk-in Tub

When it comes to walk in tubs, we’ve got you covered.

Secure Surprise Walk-In Bathtubs

If you are less than perfectly satisfied with your current bathtub, you’re not alone. Every bathroom has room for improvements, and bathtubs are usually on that list. For many people, improving the tub is important for their health and safety. When that is the case, a walk-in tub is often the best choice. AZ Bathmasters is here to help residents of Surprise, AZ, get the tub they need.

What to Expect From an AZ Bathmasters Tub Installation

When you get your new tub from AZ Bathmasters, we follow a streamlined process that makes everything as easy as possible. First, we can come to your house for a free consultation. We’ll look at your bathroom so we can make expert recommendations. We’ll also provide you with access to a wide selection of tubs. We have a partnership with Tyvarian and BCI which allows us to get you the best possible prices. Once you have decided on your options, we can install the tub. For most renovations, the process will take three days or less. If there are any reasons that your remodel might require more time, we will let you know before we begin. You can have a new walk-in tub. It can improve your quality of life in many ways, and we can ensure that the process is as simple and enjoyable as possible. There’s no reason to hold out. Contact AZ Bathmasters today and start the journey to your new tub.

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What You Can Get From Your New Walk-In Tub

The primary reasons to get a walk-in tub are for accessibility, functionality and safety. Each of these is paramount to your daily life, and each is served well by a good tub. The tub door is what makes it a walk-in tub, and that’s ideal for accessibility and safety. Anyone who might have reasons not to step over a traditional tub wall will be better served by the door. These tubs are also designed with safety in mind. Many have bathing seats that make for more control while you bathe, and overall, they improve options for individuals with specific bathing needs. These tubs also come with a wide range of special features that expand on the experience. You can get air jets and/or whirlpool jets that turn the tub into a massage therapy machine. You can get an onboard heater that maintains water temperature for longer soaks. You can also get quick fill and quick drain features that require you to spend less time tending to the bath, making everything that much easier. Overall, a good walk-in tub provides freedom.