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High Quality Tub conversions & Customizations

If you had the world at your fingertips, how would you change your bathroom? For most people, the focus is on the tub and/or shower. They are central points in any bathroom, and having an amazing place to bathe is just the best.If you can relate to any of that, then you might be best served by a tub or shower conversion. It’s one of the most economic and efficient ways to make your bathroom better.

Customized Services:

Full Bathroom Remodel

Speak with our design team to begin your new bathroom.

Shower Replacement

Replace your shower with a custom one fit to your liking.

Walk In Tubs

Remodel your outdated tub to a shower or vice versa.

Surprise bathroom remodel

Changing Showers Into Tubs

You can also convert in the other direction. Some bathrooms have a shower and no tub, and you might like to be able to soak sometimes. A shower to tub conversion is all about possibilities. You can replace the shower and just have an amazing soaking tub. This is a common choice for people with specific bathing or accessibility needs, and walk-in tubs are a great option in those cases. You can also turn your shower into a combo so that you get every option at once. Really, it’s all about what you want, and AZ Bathmasters will help you every step of the way.

Surprise AZ shower conversion

Converting Tubs into Showers

This is the more common choice. When you turn a tub into a shower, it allows you to increase the total amount of space for your shower. That can make your showers more comfortable and relaxing. With a prefabricated model, you can save a ton of time and money while still getting all of the benefits. Regardless of your choice, you can get a better shower with upgraded fixtures. You can opt for built-ins to hold soaps and everything else you need. You can choose doors that look great and are easy to manage, or you can set yourself up for using a shower curtain that provides less that you need to keep clean. 

There are countless looks you can browse, and when you find what you love, it will pack an aesthetic punch. Converting a tub into a shower can completely transform a bathroom.

The AZ Bathmasters Experience

We’ve streamlined tub and shower conversions into a simple three-step process. First, we’ll come to your house with a free consultation. We’ll look at your bathroom in detail so that we can make professional recommendations, and you’ll know exactly what is involved with the work you want done. We will also provide you with access to a wide selection from our partners. We can get you great deals on tubs and showers, and all of them are made to the highest degrees of quality. Most importantly, we do the work. We will install the items that you choose and remodel your bathroom into the amazing place that you want it to be. You can have all of this when you call AZ Bathmasters. Don’t wait. We can get the process started today.