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What Is BCI Acrylic


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What does it take to get your bathroom remodeled? It really boils down to two things. You need quality products to upgrade the bathroom, and you need an expert hand to install all of it. While AZ Bathmasters is ready to provide the expert work, we partner with a number of manufacturers to get you good deals on the products. One of those manufacturers is BCI Acrylic. It’s worth getting to know this company as there’s a good chance they’ll have items that you absolutely must have in your bathroom.

What Is BCI Acrylic?

BCI Acrylic was established in 1999. The original focus was to provide homeowners and contractors with high-quality bathroom remodel products at affordable prices. During the peak of the housing boom, demand was high, and many manufacturers were cutting corners in order to make a quick buck. The founders of BCI Acrylic went the opposite direction, and for more than 20 years, they have been living up to their promise.

BCI Quality

The products coming from BCI Acrylic are reliable, pleasant to the eye and consistently low-maintenance. They manufacture just about everything a bathroom remodel job requires, and their most popular items are worth investigating.

BCI Bathtubs

A bathtub will make or break your bathroom remodel. It’s the largest single piece. It’s also something you will use all the time, and you want to be able to enjoy it, both aesthetically and physically. BCI Acrylic bathtubs are all made from BCI’s specialized fabrication techniques. The tubs are gorgeous and durable. You won’t have to spend hours a week taking care of them, and they’ll maintain their pristine look for years.

BCI Showers

The only thing as important as a bathtub is the shower, and it’s another key piece. BCI makes shower enclosures. The acrylic will save on installation costs because it requires less specialized work at the outset, but it won’t prevent you from choosing from a great selection of colors, textures and patterns. If you want to love your shower, BCI Acrylic is a great place to look.

BCI Walk-in Tubs

For bathrooms that require more accessibility, BCI Acrylic is ahead of the curve. They already have a complete range of choices for accessible bathtubs that allow people to enjoy a good bath while accommodating mobility needs.

In conclusion

There is so much more to a bathroom than just the shower and tub. Sinks, fixtures, accessories and much more will go into the remodel, and BCI Acrylic makes all of them. You can mix and match and get exactly what you like when you have direct access to the manufacturer, and the entire process saves money while you’re at it.

AZ Bathmasters works directly with BCI Acrylic and other manufacturers to bring you great quality and affordable pricing. Ask to see it all. We’ll be happy to show you

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