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So your Cave Creek home could use a little love. That’s ok. Every home needs changes and remodels at some point. If your focus is pointing in the direction of the bathroom, AZ Bathmasters is here to help. We love remodeling bathrooms, and we have services designed specifically to help you get the most value out of your investment. One of those services is our bath and shower conversion service. Did you know that you can convert a shower into a better shower? The same can be said for tubs, and that’s to say nothing of converting from a tub to a shower or back the other direction. Our conversion services are designed to help you dramatically update your bathroom without having to spend the time and money necessary for a complete strip-down remodel.

There’s a good chance that you have a dream in mind when it comes to bathing. Some people love a great soaking tub where they can relax, possibly read a book, and find a real sanctuary. Others want rain faucets and expanded features in their showers so they feel clean and refreshed after they bathe. All of the options are on the table with bath and shower conversions done by AZ Bathmasters.


Functionality for you tub conversion.

While it’s important to have ideas in mind, many conversions are driven by practical concerns. Sometimes families grow, and you need more bathing resources. Turning a tub into a shower/tub combo can speed up the process and help with bathing bottlenecks. There are countless other ways that functionality will drive your remodel plans, and we can help you explore the countless options in front of you. If you come to us with a problem we will find solutions.

Full Bathroom Remodel

Speak with our design team to begin your new bathroom.

Bath Remodeling

outdated bathtub? lets fix that today with our team.

Shower Replacement

Replace your shower with a custom one fit to your liking.

Accessibility Matters.

in other cases, the most important concern in the remodel is accessibility. Not everyone has the same bathing needs, and we can convert your existing tubs and/or showers into something safer and more usable. We can install shower seats, support rails, tub doors and plenty of other features that improve accessibility in your bathroom. We’ve worked in this capacity many times, and we have a strong understanding of which options are most applicable in any given space.


AZ Bathmasters can convert your tub or shower into the thing you need the looks and performs the way you’ve always dreamed it could. You can have an amazing bathroom. All you have to do is contact us to get started. We’re ready to work with you today.