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Over time, needs change. It’s common for people to buy a home that is perfect at the time only to need to make some updates over the years. One of the most common locations for those updates is in the bathroom. When your needs change, your bathroom has to keep up. One change that is great for many homeowners is the installation of a walk-in tub.

Safety and Accessibility

The primary reason to have a walk-in tub is to eliminate the need to step over the side of the tub. This is ideal for anyone with mobility challenges. The door makes the tub completely accessible, and being a bath makes it easier for more bathing options. It’s ideal for a large number of homeowners and residents. When safety or accessibility is a concern, walk-in tubs are usually the very best choice available.

Improving Home Value

When it comes to home value, there is no perfect formula for bathrooms. That said, buyers tend to prefer walk-in showers to tubs, but most homeowners want at least one tub in the house. A walk-in tub allows you to have the best of both worlds. This makes the bathroom more appealing to a wider range of prospective buyers. It can improve the value of the home, and it can also make the home easier to sell. Regardless, a walk-in tub is often considered a valuable investment in a bathroom.

Expert Installation Services

The most important part of any remodel is the quality of work that is done. With AZ Bathmasters, you can trust that your remodel is being handled by seasoned experts in the field. We renovate bathrooms on a daily basis, and the two owners have a combined experience of more than 120 years in this work. You won’t find more reliable tub installation experts in Sun City West. If your bathroom needs a change, contact us today. We can discuss walk-in tubs along with all of your additional options. You can handpick exactly what you want, and then we’ll turn your bathroom into the best version of itself.

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