AZ BathMasters


Simplify your bathroom remodel, and at the same time put money back in your pocket!

The Specialist Advantage Program

Trust a specialist to get it done right.

Saving YOU Money

Without unnecessary fees, you can save money when remodeling your bathroom. In most cases, you can receive a much better product and service.

The Specialist Advantage Program saves our customers money while remodeling beautiful, upgraded bathrooms.  


We are Arizona’s Shower and Bathtub Conversion Specialist’s. We know what we are good at and that is what we build.  

Generally, when you hire a specialist, you receive a better product, result, and price. A specialist provides knowledge and accountability, unlike the general remodeling contractor who often looks for the best priced subcontractor.  

A specialist can also save you money on product costs. When someone purchases the same material again and again, they generally get a better price, and if they are good at what they do, they pass that savings onto their customers.  



We believe one of the best the ways to remodel a bathroom, is to utilize a specialist in each category of work being done.  

The Specialist Advantage Program provides our customers with a list of local specialists to choose from. These are companies we have used in the past or have a reputation for providing a certain material or service at a fair price