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How to keep Tyvarian clean?

Since the first homes were being decorated thousands of years ago, stone and marble have been prized for their durability, quality and elegance. These natural substances are the perfect accent to any décor. Of course, that style has always cost a pretty penny, as well. For ages, homeowners around the world have scrimped and saved to get enough money to install real stone or marble in their homes. Now, however, thanks to a bold substance called Tyvarian, more people than ever can bring home the look of stone and marble.

Once your Tyvarian is installed, the only challenge that remains is keeping it clean. For those lucky people who have this excellent material installed, here are some Tyvarian cleaning practices in Phoenix, AZ.

Wait, what’s Tyvarian?

For those who haven’t heard of Tyvarian before now, prepare to be astonished. This marvelous product captures the sophistication of marble by incorporating high-definition images that perfectly emulate stone and marble. Since its development, Tyvarian has been enhanced and diversified to a fantastic degree.

At present, Tyvarian can be customized with one of over 80 colors and an almost innumerable number of patterns. The only limit to Tyvarian is your imagination.

Keeping your Tyvarian clean

The best part about Tyvarian is that it’s relatively easy to keep clean. As a result, staying up on Tyvarian cleaning practices in Phoenix, AZ won’t require extensive education.

That said, to keep your Tyvarian looking its best, it’s best to treat it as though it was cultured or synthetic marble. As a result, make sure to use non-abrasive cleaners to remove any dirt. Most common household cleaners—Lysol, Mr. Clean, Scrubbing Bubbles, etc.—can be used in conjunction with a soft cloth to remove any accumulated grime. If you’re not sure whether your household cleaner is up to the job, just read the label.

A dash of Turtle Wax

If you want to preserve the shine of your Tyvarian, consider adding a coat of Turtle Wax once a year. This will help maintain the shimmer of the material. That said, DO NOT put the wax on the bottom of your tub or shower, as that can make the floor slippery and dangerous. That’s one shower cleaning tip in Phoenix, AZ that you’re sure to appreciate!

Like stone, but better

In addition to being easy to clean, there’s even more to love about Tyvarian. The substance is naturally moisture and mildew resistant. Exposure to UV also doesn’t dull the Tyvarian finish. In other words, if it’s properly maintained, it will stay looking stunning.

Build a better bathroom

At AZ BathMasters, we’re ready and waiting to introduce you to the world of Tyvarian. Once it’s installed, one of our highly-skilled contractors can even fill you in on the best Tyvarian cleaning practices in Phoenix, AZ. That’s just one part of our commitment to you.

When you need to breathe new life into your bathroom, don’t go to just any old general contractor. Put your bathroom in the hands of a team that specializes in shower and bathroom remodeling. We’re committed to building the bathroom of your dreams. Visit us online or give us a call today. We can’t wait to help you.

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