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Tub and Shower Conversions

In Chandler Az, we specialize in tub and shower conversions. We have the expertise to take your existing shower and turn it into a luxurious and elegant bathtub that you will love for years to come. Our experienced professionals here at AZ BathMasters can help you convert your bathroom from an outdated design to one that is modern and stylish. Not only do our conversions make your bathroom look better, we specialize in transforming your existing shower or tub into a luxurious bathing experience.


Our highly trained team can provide you with the perfect conversion that meets all of your needs and desires. Whether you are looking to transform an entire bathroom or just make a few changes to the current set up, our experts have the know-how.

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Shower Conversions

Our shower conversions are designed to provide you with a relaxing, luxurious and efficient experience. We can help you convert your existing shower into the one of your dreams by adding features such as a custom glass enclosure, rainfall shower head and body sprays. Not only will these features improve the look of your bathroom, but they will also offer additional comfort you deserve.

Tub Conversions

Our tub conversions are designed to transform your existing bathtub into a private oasis. We offer custom-made designs that will turn your ordinary bathtub into one of the most comfortable and luxurious experiences you have ever had. Our team can help you install features such as an air jet system, LED lighting and create the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing and indulgent spa experience.