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How to Remodel a Bathroom on a Budget


AZ BathMasters is a locally owned and operated bathroom remodeling company specializing in Cultured Marble Tyvarian shower and tub conversions, walk-in-showers, and tub and shower side-by-sides. Our conversions produce a fresh, clean, and beautiful atmosphere and with over 200 color and design choices we know you will find just what you are looking for.

Real estate investors always say that bathroom remodels are one of the best investments in a home. The money you put into them typically raises the value of the house, and updated bathrooms help houses sell faster. All of that is great, but it’s meaningless if you don’t have enough cash to do a remodel.

You shouldn’t let that stop you. There are changes you can make to a bathroom when you’re on a restricted budget. Using the right strategy can help you improve the value of your home without having to take out a new loan just to pay for it.

Target One Part of the Bathroom

A total bathroom remodel can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Just remodeling the shower is a much smaller prospect. That’s not the limit of how you can approach this, either.

Targeted remodels allow you to fix the part of the bathroom that bothers you the most for a price you can afford. Down the road, you can target another part and make meaningful improvements once more. This isn’t just affordable. It turns your remodel into more of a living transformation that continues to provide you with upgrades and enjoyment.

Replace Grout Instead of Tile

Material costs often represent a major portion of the cost of your remodel. A lot of that comes down to tile. Even when you get a good price, the cost of tile adds up quickly. One way to save money is to replace less tile.

That’s tough because tile upgrades usually have the strongest visible impact on a remodel. But, if visibility is your main concern, you can achieve that by amending your strategy. Instead of replacing the tile, get it professionally cleaned. It costs a lot less, and you get rid of stains and other aesthetic issues. Then, you can replace the grout. Doing this gives you the option to change the grout color, which can have just as much visual impact as new tile. Plus, the new grout will create a clean, new-looking aesthetic that feels like the remodel it is.

If you combine grout replacement with your targeted remodel, you can make major changes for surprisingly little money.

Consider Accents

Within the philosophy of targeted changes, you can consider accents. Say you’re doing the grout idea. Along with new grout, you could replace a small amount of tile with something brand new. You can create an accent stripe or region that has a completely different color and look. This uses substantially less tile than redoing everything, and it saves on labor too.

Similarly, you can paint the non-tiled portions of the bathroom. You still get a color change, but you’re buying paint instead of something expensive. New rugs and window shades can add to the impact of any of these changes. It’s all about strategy.

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom on a tight budget, contact AZ BathMasters. We’re experts in targeted changes that get you the most value for your investment. We’ll help you save money on materials and labor without compromising on value.

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