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How Much Does The Average Bathroom Remodel Cost?


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If there’s one thing you can trust in the world of real estate, it’s that everyone eventually wants to remodel their bathrooms. Things go out of style or just plain age, and an update can change everything about your house and the feeling of your daily routine. It’s normal to want a remodel, and as soon as you start to think seriously about it, it’s normal to want a price range. Let’s look at the average cost of a remodel to help you set your expectations.

Remodel Prices Can Vary By a Lot

There is no magic number that will tell you the cost of a remodel before you get a quote. There are so many different ways to go about your remodel, and they all impact the price. You can redo the tub/shower, vanity, counters, floors, walls and plumbing. You can do some of these things or all of them. Sometimes, it’s easier to think about how much components of a remodel cost to decide how much you want to do. Other times, you can more easily start with the price of doing everything and then scaling back from there.

The Cost of a Complete Remodel

If you’re gutting everything and redoing the entire bathroom, your average cost will be around $11,000. Keep in mind that a lot of things will make your specific remodel quote a very different number from $11,000. That’s just an average. The square footage of your bathroom, materials you choose, contractor of choice and even area where you live will all affect this number.


If you have a larger bathroom and don’t hold back with getting premium everything, you can get well above $20,000 for the remodel. If you’re being as economical as possible with a small bathroom, you might get the total down around $7,000, but hitting that number will be tough.

How to Save Money

There are some things you can do to get a lot out of a remodel without completely gutting the bathroom. You can change just the countertops, focus on new tile, or remodel the bath/shower. These are the changes that have the most impact, and even doing one of them will make a bathroom feel like an entirely new space. 


When you do these remodels without changing the plumbing, you use less material and need substantially less labor. This allows you to spend a little more money on the one thing that is most important to you while still saving on the total cost. You might even update a couple of smaller parts of the bathroom (like new faucets) while you’re at it. 


If you go this route, you’re bound to save money. The total cost will still depend on the choices you make, but you can look at focused remodeling to get starting costs down below $5,000.


The best way to put a price on your remodel is to get a quote. You can contact AZ BathMasters today. We’ll discuss what you want, and you can get a reasonable estimate. Once you have a price, you can tweak the choices before you to get the best bathroom possible while keeping the remodel affordable.

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