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Say Hello To Our New Partners DecoTeak!

AZ BathMasters partners with product suppliers in order to get you the best deals on high-quality products for your bathroom. As we do not manufacture any of the things we install, we rely on these partnerships to ensure your access to good options.

Say Hello to Our New Partners: DecoTeak!

we’re excited about our newest partner: DecoTeak. DecoTeak is a manufacturer that specializes in wood products. When it comes to their partnership with us, they make impressive shower chairs and benches that we think can enhance any bathroom.

About DecoTeak

DecoTeak is a locally owned business based out of Florida. It is female-owned and built on old-fashioned principles of quality and customer service. To make that point, the customer service hotline for DecoTeak goes straight to the CEO. If you have questions, concerns or comments, she wants to hear that from you directly. DecoTeak also works to provide high-quality goods through sustainable means. That applies to every facet of the company, from sourcing to production to shipping. The DecoTeak experience is one that you can expect to make you happy, and that’s why we chose them as our newest partner.

We encourage you to make the most of this new partnership. Check out DecoTeak products on our website and theirs. Find what you like, and let us know so we can get it ordered and installed. If there’s anything that you will love as much as your remodeled bathroom, it’s the gorgeous new shower chair.

DecoTeak Products

DecoTeak is in the business of crafting high-quality wood products. With this partnership, we are focusing on their shower benches and chairs. Each item is made from personally sourced lumber. It is laboriously cut, kiln dried and then crafted by DecoTeak experts.

The love and care that goes into every bench and chair is obvious at a glance. You can see the natural beauty of the wood shine through. The benches and chairs are as functional and comfortable as they are beautiful. They are also carefully coated to ensure that they are perfectly safe in the watery environment of your shower. DecoTeak crafters work to enhance and exemplify the natural beauty in their products. You can choose DecoTeak products for installation when you work with AZ BathMasters. We are excited to bring these new choices to our customers, and we are thrilled about the partnership with DecoTeak. When you find something you like, we can make it part of your new bathroom.

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