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How To Safely Clean Your Bathroom


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Bathrooms can get so dirty. Of course you have to clean them. For the most part, people understand how to wipe down a bathroom and use a disinfectant, but there are still some misconceptions that lead people to take unwittingly dangerous actions. Bathroom cleaners and how they use them can negatively impact your health if you aren’t careful. So, here’s a quick guide to help you stay safe as you clean.

Pick a Product Family

Sanitizing is an important part of cleaning a bathroom. You need chemical agents to fully sanitize surfaces. Most of them will have chlorine or another active ingredient that kills germs very effectively. Danger occurs when you unknowingly mix cleaning products. The mixture can produce fumes that are dangerous to inhale.

The best way to avoid this issue is to stick with one product family. As an example, you can get a Clorox toilet cleaner. The same company makes tile cleaners, porcelain cleaners and other products you might like. These products are not identical to each other, but because they use the same active ingredients, they can safely mix.

You can pick whatever brand you like. The important thing is that you make sure your different products can work safely together.

Vent the Room

Even when you use safe products, you still want to let the room vent as much as possible. Partly, this is because it can get very hot in the bathroom with you scrubbing away (particularly in the summer). Venting helps with airflow that prevents you from overheating, which is a mild but real safety concern.

The bigger issue is that you don’t want to drown in the smell of chemical cleaners. You can open a window, leave the door open, run the vent or do whatever you need to keep that healthy flow of air.

A third issue is mold. Even though you use disinfectants to clean, if moisture lingers in the bathroom, it can lead to mold (and other growth). You don’t want that in the bathroom, so make sure you have good air circulation that keeps things dry.

When your bathroom doesn’t feel good no matter how hard you scrub, it might be time to think about updates and upgrades. With targeted remodels, you can modernize and brighten your bathroom while saving a ton of money on the job. Contact AZ BathMasters today. We can help you explore some updates to your bathroom that will change how you feel about everything.

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