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How was Tyvarian created?

Tyvarian is an interesting option for countertops that more and more customers are considering. The development of new cultured marble in Phoenix, AZ is an interesting story that speaks to inventiveness, necessity and cleverness. The creation of Tyvarian boils down to a company that was basically desperate to stay viable and pulled out all the stops on research and development to create an entirely new product that nobody had ever heard of before. The basic story regarding the birth of Tyvarian is presented below and offers some great insights and lessons on what can be accomplished in a professional setting.

What is Tyvarian?

Tyvarian is a material for countertops that allows the ink from images to embed within a marble topcoat. This makes it possible for any number of designs to be incorporated onto a basic surface. This breakthrough in cultured marble innovation in Phoenix, AZ means that the sky is the limit for designs that can be embedded on surfaces, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. Added benefits of the cultured marble material include the fact that it’s both mold- and mildew-resistant, does not stain and does not crumble (with the added benefit that the lack of grout makes cleaning that much easier).

A company adrift

A Utah company named Whitewater was the birthplace of Tyvarian. It was on the brink of going under when an employee named Doug Thompson started tinkering with different development techniques to try and arrive at a new product that could potentially save the business. He discovered Tyvarian after what he thought had been a failed experiment, and the rest is essentially history.

The product was so popular and so widespread that Tyvarian eventually became a company unto itself and now offers a variety of options to customers around the world. AZ BathMasters is proud to carry Tyvarian products, and we believe that this new cultured marble in Phoenix, AZ will bring an amazing amount of quality and value to our customers.

Benefits of Tyvarian

In addition to the benefits outlined above, Tyvarian brings the variety of different looks to the average customer. Exceptionally expensive stones and patterns can be duplicated at a very reasonable price, with our customers gaining the benefit of this new cultured marble in Phoenix, AZ. Materials like granite, onyx and natural stone can be mimicked through the Tyvarian process, and the color and design possibilities are basically endless. If you can dream of a bathroom surface in particular, it can be achieved through the wonders of Tyvarian.

AZ BathMasters proud to use a product that is the result of so much enlightened innovation and creativity. Tyvarian lets all of our customers realize their bathroom remodeling dreams, from shower walls to vanity tops to wall paneling. We can help customers achieve their visions, no matter how diverse, thanks to this material. Customers report to us that the maintenance savings alone make Tyvarian a smart choice for anyone, and when you throw in the benefits of unlimited design potential, it really becomes a great option to consider when you’re tackling your next renovation project. Get in touch with AZ BathMasters if you’re interested in learning more about Tyvarian!

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