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What is Tyvarian?

If you’ve been considering a bathroom remodel, you might have come across Tyvarian when researching your options. So, what is Tyvarian, and how does it compare to other cultured marble products? Let’s find it.

What makes Tyvarian different?

Tyvarian is a type of cultured marble that offers all the benefits of cultured marble, but it incorporates high-definition images into the finished product, allowing it to mimic the look of marble, onyx, granite, travertine and other stones or designs. Whereas some Phoenix homeowners feel that other cultured marble doesn’t quite capture the natural beauty of real stone, Tyvarian uses technology to closely resemble the real thing—with all the cost, cleaning and durability advantages of cultured marble.

What are the benefits of Tyvarian?

Of course, you might be wondering why you should get cultured marble instead of real marble or stone for your bathroom renovation. The answer is simple: real stone is porous and can’t withstand heavy wear and tear, especially in a high-traffic area like your shower or bathtub. Unless you want to make bathroom maintenance your second job, cultured marble is the answer.

Here’s an overview of why you should opt for Tyvarian cultured marble when it’s time to renovate your bathroom:

  • Get the look for less: Quarried stone—that is, stone that has been dug up from the earth—has to be cut in huge pieces, transported and cut down into slabs that can be used for showers and tubs. In contrast, cultured marble is made from stone particles, which are combined with resins, cast in molds and coated with a strong coating. This makes it significantly cheaper to produce.
  • Save time on cleaning: Natural stone (especially marble) is porous and soft, making it susceptible to stains that never go away. Cultured marble is non-porous and solid, so you’ll not only save time cleaning tile and grout, but also avoid stains and other unsightly issues that you might get with natural stone.
  • More durable than natural stone: Finally, natural stone is prone to chipping and cracking, whereas cultured marble is designed to last a lifetime. Your bathroom is one of the highest-traffic areas of your home, so preventing undue wear and tear should be a top priority. (After all, if you’re going to the trouble of renovating, you don’t want your hard-earned money to go down the drain.)

Get Tyvarian direct from a cultured marble company in Phoenix, AZ

Ready to see what Tyvarian can do for your shower or bathtub? At AZ BathMasters, we focus on renovating and remodeling your shower and bath—and only your shower and bath. This area of the bathroom is called the “wet area,” and is often the focal point of your bathroom. Our renovation specialists will convert your space to look fresh, modern and beautiful at a price that’s affordable. Because we partner with cast stone slab manufacturers, you’ll be able to buy Tyvarian direct from a cultured marble company in Phoenix, AZ. Call us today to get a quote and schedule your wet area renovation.

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