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What Is Cultured Marble?

If you’re in love with the look of marble, but not the maintenance, cultured marble might be right for you. It’s a great way to get the look of real marble without the price tag and high maintenance involved in using natural stone.

If you’re looking for a company to handle a cultured marble remodel in Phoenix, AZ, call AZ BathMasters today. We specialize in refreshing your bathtubs and showers with new materials, including beautiful cultured marble.

An overview of cultured marble

Cultured marble is made by mixing natural stone particles with resin and pigment, then casting the resulting mixture in molds to create slabs of natural-looking rock. Whereas natural stone has to be excavated, carved and finished, cultured marble only requires casting. Each mold is lined with a special gel coat that creates a hard, transparent surface. Then, the piece is either given a polished or matte finish.

While cultured marble isn’t made entirely from stone, it is able to mimic the natural patterns and colors of quarried marble, and there are some great cultured marble benefits in Phoenix, AZ that our customers love, including:

  • Easier to clean: While natural marble is absolutely beautiful, it’s also a porous and finicky material that easily stains, chips and cracks. Once natural marble is damaged, there’s nothing you can do about it—and while some people believe this is part of its appeal, others don’t. Cultured marble is much easier to clean, thanks to its nonporous coating.
  • Lower price tag: Part of the reason why marble is more expensive is that it has to be mined in large pieces, then cut down. Cultured marble, on the other hand, uses stone particles and is cast into molds, making quarrying a non-issue.
  • Durable: The durability of cultured marble isn’t limited to it being stain resistant and easier to clean. It’s also more resistant to chips, scratches and cracks. This makes it a much better material for homes with children and pets.
  • Solid surface: Unlike tile, which requires grout (a great place for mold to grow), cultured marble is one smooth surface. You’ll cut down on mold and mildew as well as have a beautiful shower or bathtub.
  • Modern and beautiful look: Finally, the biggest advantage of cultured marble is that it’s simply beautiful. Not only is it completely customizable, thanks to its molding, color and size options, but it can mimic the look of natural stone. And since it’s so durable and easy to keep clean, it will stay looking beautiful for years to come.

Get your shower and bath refinished

Make your shower or bathtub the focal point of your bathroom when you refinish with cultured marble. At AZ BathMasters, we focus on your shower and bath—and only your shower and bath. Our renovation specialists can convert your space to look fresh, modern and beautiful, allowing you to enjoy all the cultured marble benefits in Phoenix, AZ mentioned above. Because we partner with cast stone slab manufacturers, you’re buying direct from a cultured marble company. Call us today to get a quote and schedule your renovation.

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