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The worst bathroom cleaners and some safer alternatives

You should be very careful about the kinds of cleaning products you purchase at the store. There are some that are highly caustic and toxic.

While they can be quite effective, they are also potentially hazardous, both to your health and to the environment.

Here are a few examples of some of the worst bathroom cleaning solutions in Phoenix, AZ with regards to safety that people often rely on in their homes:

  • LYSOL Action Gel Toilet Bowl Cleaner: This cleaner definitely does its job in your toilet, but it is highly toxic, and even features a label on the product that admits it is a “health hazard.” You are even suggested to wear protective eye gear when using the product. The Environmental Working Group gives the product an F for environmental safety, due to its being packed with didecyldimethylammonium chloride, a substance that irritates the skin and worsens allergies, as well as glyoxal, which can damage your DNA.
  • Tilex Soap Scum Remover: The company that makes this product barely discloses any of its ingredients, but all four ingredients the EWG finds in this product earn subpar scores for environmental and human safety. The product earns an F overall from the organization.
  • Drano Professional Strength Max Gel Clog Remover: Drano is commonly used in homes across the nation whenever there’s a drain that’s backed up. However, its F rating for safety and health is well earned—there are almost no ingredients disclosed, but the cleaning agent is notorious for its highly corrosive, caustic nature. It can cause severe skin damage, and is deadly for plant and animal life when it flows into waterways. There are plenty of other alternatives, including vinegar and baking soda mixtures and other methods of unclogging drains.
  • Safeway Bright Green Liquid Drain Opener, Professional Strength: A very similar product to Drano, this is another example of a drain cleaner that simply shouldn’t be used if you wish to avoid causing environmental damage. The EWG was only able to determine four ingredients in this product, as once again, Safeway does a poor job of disclosing those ingredients. The ingredients found were all hazardous: surfactants, sodium hydroxide, sodium silicate and sodium hypochlorite.
  • Clorox Bleach Foamer for the Bathroom: In general, you should try to avoid any cleaning products that have bleach in them, because bleach is highly caustic and dangerous for waterways and the environment in general. This product features plenty of other hazardous ingredients beyond just bleach, and even includes a vague mention of “fragrances,” which could mean just about anything in terms of the actual ingredients included.

These are just some examples of products deemed hazardous for the environment by the EWG. The good news is there are plenty of alternatives available that are nowhere near as hazardous. Look for products labeled “green,” “sustainable,” “eco friendly” or “organic,” and research other methods of cleaning or drain clearing that don’t involve relying on a ton of chemicals.

For more information about safe cleaning solutions for your bathroom or kitchen in Phoenix, AZ, contact the team at AZ BathMasters today.

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