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What is Green board?

In the past, building contractors were largely confined to old-fashioned routine drywall when constructing any room in the home. This easy-to-make material was (and remains) used in homes around the United States. While drywall works in most circumstances, it does have one fatal flaw: when it’s exposed to moisture for too long, it can encounter several problems. The most common problem, mold growth, can promote allergies in your home and lead to nasty smells coming from your walls. If your ordinary drywall remains too wet for too long, it can even become weak or damaged.

Fortunately, there’s a solution: green board. First developed in the 1960s, green board is a durable gypsum board that is the perfect alternative to traditional drywall. So, why is green board essential in Phoenix, AZ? Read on to find out!

When should I use green board?

What is green board in Phoenix, AZ? Named for its telltale shade, green board is a type of gypsum drywall primarily used in areas where water will be in constant use. It’s perfect for the area behind sinks and showers, for example. While it’s not entirely waterproof, green board is much more water resistant than standard drywall.

Because green board can absorb water for an extended period of time before it breaks down, homeowners notice that mold and mildew growth is far less likely than in bathrooms built with traditional drywall.

The swelling impact

While green board does have numerous benefits to homeowners, there are some minor drawbacks that could impact your decision to use it. As it absorbs the water that runs off from your shower or sink, green board begins to swell. This development may not be noticeable if you take the right precautions, but green board’s tendency to expand does have some drawbacks.

Namely, you cannot put tile on green board. When it starts to swell, it can wreak havoc on carefully chosen tile work. Green board’s tendency to swell also makes it heavier than traditional drywall. As a result, green board is a bad choice for the ceilings in your home.

Your bathroom pros

When it comes down to it, green board can be an immensely helpful addition to any bathroom or kitchen, provided you know how best to use it. If you have more questions about what green board is in Phoenix, AZ, then make sure to place a call to AZ BathMasters.

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When you’re looking for a bathroom remodel that fits your lifestyle and provides a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, call on AZ BathMasters. One call is all it takes for one of our friendly team members to make you a believer. Pick up the phone and schedule your appointment today!

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