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Three Signs It’s Time for a Shower Replacement  

The shower is one of the most functional locations in any home. You don’t really go there for fun. Showering tends to have a purpose, especially if there is no bathtub accompanying it. Because it is so functional, it tends to be something we expect to work, and when there are problems that are frustratingly disruptive. One of the best ways to deal with disruptions is to head them off. When you know these three signs that it’s time for a shower replacement, you can make the changes on your schedule, instead of waiting for disaster to strike.


You Find Leaks


Water leaks are the worst. Left alone, they can cause enormous amounts of damage to a home. Any time you see signs of leaks, you need at least some repair. Depending on the source and extent of the problem, some leaks are best fixed by replacing the shower infrastructure. That is going to put holes in walls, possibly damage the shower or tub and make you think really carefully about replacing the whole thing. That instinct is not wrong.


There Are Stains or Rust


Stains and rust are inevitable signs of wear. Eventually, they become insurmountable. It’s at these times that you’ll consider a shower replacement in your Phoenix home. When cleaning, scrubbing and elbow grease can no longer redeem the stains or eyesores, a new shower can save the day. With modern designs and accouterments, you can get a gorgeous shower that is much easier to manage.


You Don’t Like What You Have


It’s perfectly ok to have a shower that you love. Almost no one buys a house that perfectly meets their tastes. Even if you did, tastes change over time. Sometimes, upgrading is the right answer.


The good news is that bathroom upgrades are among the most valuable upgrades you can do for a home. While you’re picking out the things you want in your new shower, you might need a shower valve replacement or other functional improvements. This is a great time to do them all.

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