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Tips for designing a luxurious bathroom

Upgrading a bathroom is one of the top ways to boost your home’s value while making your daily routine more comfortable and luxurious. Making bathroom updates isn’t always cheap, though. A totally redesigned bathroom can run into the tens of thousands of dollars!

The good news is that we’re here to help by giving you some bathroom design tips in Phoenix, AZ. Our advice will help ensure you get the most out of your new luxury bathroom without having to break the bank in the process:

  • Plan an efficient layout: Proper placement of your new shower, tub, sink and toilet will not only make it easier to get ready in the morning, but will also save you money. Keeping all of your fixtures on the same plumbing line drastically cuts down on your costs. Talk to your contractor about the most efficient layout for your space.
  • Tubs: A bathtub can be the focal point of any bathroom and will have a significant impact on the overall look and flow of your new bathroom. Designers understand their influence on a bathroom, so today’s tubs may look more like a sculpture than a bathtub! Just be sure that your new tub will match the look you’re going for in your space.
  • Showers: Taking a refreshing shower is one of the best ways to start your day. One of our top bathroom design tips in Phoenix, AZ is to replace your current shower with a luxury spa shower. Multiple rain showerheads don’t just get you clean—they provide a relaxing massage each time you turn on the water.
  • Sinks: Unless you live alone, you might consider updating your vanity with two sinks. Multiple sinks allow you and your partner to prepare for the day with ease. Don’t skimp on the counter material, either. Upgrading to a stone countertop, like granite, elevates the appearance of your bathroom and adds to its value.

Why choose AZ BathMasters?

There are plenty of companies in town who can help with luxury bathroom upgrades on a budget in Phoenix, AZ, but nobody beats our team at AZ BathMasters. These are a few of the top reasons to hire us:

  • Fast installation process: You don’t want to wait for weeks before your contractors ever get around to finishing your bathroom upgrade. That’ll never happen when you work with AZ BathMasters. At most, our jobs take a few days to complete once we start working. On top of that, we’ll clean up everything to ensure your bathroom is spotless.
  • Endless design options: You want a unique bathroom that fits your style and meshes well with the rest of your home. That’s why you should turn to us! From ultra-modern to traditional, the possibilities are endless when you come to AZ BathMasters.
  • Affordable service: It’s easy to overspend on a bathroom remodeling project, especially if you’re going for a luxury look and feel. To ensure that doesn’t happen to our customers, we provide affordable services and financing options for those who qualify.

Whether you’re planning on selling your home soon and want to increase its value, or you’re just looking to elevate your living space for your own benefit, turn to AZ BathMasters to tackle your bathroom upgrade. With our excellent financing options, nobody beats us when it comes to luxury bathroom upgrades on a budget in Phoenix, AZ.

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