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What Not To Do During A Bathroom Remodel


AZ BathMasters is a locally owned and operated bathroom remodeling company specializing in Cultured Marble Tyvarian shower and tub conversions, walk-in-showers, and tub and shower side-by-sides. Our conversions produce a fresh, clean, and beautiful atmosphere and with over 200 color and design choices we know you will find just what you are looking for.

Are you ready to remodel your bathroom? You have an idea of what you want, and you’re committed to a substantial upgrade. That’s great! A bathroom remodel can make a big difference in your daily life and improve how much you enjoy your home. But, before you start tearing out tile, you should double-check your plan to be sure that you’re fully prepared for the job. These three mistakes are frustratingly common, and they can completely upend a bathroom remodel. Here are things you should avoid.

Ignoring Return on Investment

You want a bathroom that you love, but it’s also nice when it raises the value of the home. When it comes to value in a remodel, you have to consider how your choices will affect the sale of the. This means catering to potential buyers. You can summarize this concept with three base ideas: low maintenance, energy efficiency and lighting.

High-maintenance materials are hard to sell. Low energy or water efficiency is bad for your return. Anything that makes the bathroom feel dark or isolated is a turn-off for buyers. Let these ideas influence your remodeling choices.

Starting With a General Idea

If you have a general idea as opposed to a concrete plan, you aren’t ready to begin the remodel. Your planning needs to be detailed for two reasons. The first is your budget. If you have a rough idea and haven’t already priced materials, items and labor, you’re going to spend more than you plan. This is why contracting is so useful. They begin with a professional estimate. It’s easier to budget from there.

The second issue is materials. You need to know that you can acquire the raw materials and key items (such as fixtures and vanity) before you start. Otherwise, you will get partway through the remodel and have to scrap an idea because you can’t source it.

Underestimating Plumbing

Some plumbing jobs are very easy and you can definitely do them yourself. Other plumbing jobs get crazy and out of hand very quickly. Bathroom remodels often involve plumbing. You might have to move cold and hot water lines, drains and perform all kinds of plumbing work. Are you certified to do this work to code? Are you comfortable risking major plumbing problems for the sake of doing it yourself? It’s safer to assume that expert plumbing is part of the deal. Failing to do this can still end with a pro plumber, but a much larger bill.

The best way to avoid remodeling mistakes is to involve an expert. When you work with us, we’ll take you through the planning process. You get to pick the new bathroom that you want, and you get a clear idea of the process from the beginning. You can have a dream bathroom. It starts with a simple decision. Contact AZ BathMasters today to get started.

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