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Beautiful Bath Benches And Chairs to choose from!


Showering is supposed to be the most convenient and efficient way to get clean. While that holds true in many cases, showers sometimes do not live up to the promise. A myriad of injuries and medical conditions can make a traditional shower virtually impossible. Yet, switching to a bath isn’t always a better solution. This is why shower chairs have erupted in popularity over the last few decades. They have long been popular in other parts of the world, and now you have access to amazing shower chairs and benches right here in Arizona.

DecoTeak produces fabulous shower chairs and benches, and you should consider them as a viable solution to showering problems you or a loved one may be facing.

The Teak Experience

DecoTeak Teak shower chairs and benches are high-quality options that provide a lot of benefits to your shower. The chairs and benches are made from natural wood (treated for water protection) and embrace style as much as functionality. They are crafted from individually sourced lumber. The production process enhances and preserves the natural look, so these chairs are always stunning. The chairs are made through a sustainable process that produces natural beauty at its finest. Teak chairs are strong, reliable, comfortable and practical

Changing How You Shower

A shower chair or bench allows you to completely change how you shower. Chairs are safer, as they allow you to wash yourself with virtually no risk of slipping. They also improve hygiene by giving you more freedom of movement in the shower and allowing you to take your time for a good scrub. Most of all, shower chairs and benches improve accessibility. Anyone with injuries or health conditions that make showering complicated can regain autonomy and independence with a DecoTeak shower chair. If you want access to these impressive chairs and benches, contact AZ BathMasters today. We have a strong partnership with DecoTeak. We can get you special offers and properly install any shower chair or bench that you like.