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Turn Your Tub Into a Walk-in Shower

There are so many options for tub conversions, and we can do them all. When you want to improve accessibility and utility in regards to your tub, a conversion is an easy solution. You can opt for a simple conversion where we cut out walk-in access. You add a tub door that allows it to maintain its original function. You can also select a major cut to produce an excellent walk-in shower that costs a lot less than pulling the tup altogether.


The options are only limited by creativity. So, regardless of the motivation, if you want a walk-in shower where your tub currently sits, we can make that happen.

Quality Bathroom Remodels in Peoria, AZ

With more than 30 years of experience, AZ BathMasters has everything you need for a fantastic remodel experience. We are custom but and shower experts, and we are devoted to providing you with what you want the way you want it. We can help you with design — crafting an original conversion that looks amazing and functions perfectly. When it’s time for the remodel, we’ll work as quickly as possible and produce outstanding results. When we’re done, we will leave no trace behind — except for the amazing remodel, of course.

You can transform your bathroom, and when you apply a little strategy, you can save time, money and headaches along the way. For a tub conversion in Peoria, AZ, you want everything that AZ BathMasters can offer. Contact us today. We’ll jump right in and discuss what you want and need out of your bathroom remodel. It can be finished before you know it, and you’ll be able to enjoy the changes.

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