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When it’s time to remodel a bathroom, it can be hard to stay patient. The project takes time, and if you rush it, you could end up with something worse than when you started. To get the best results, you need a plan. You need to design the project before you start buying materials or hiring contractors. If you’ve never done it before, it might prove challenging. But, these four simple steps can help you think about your bathroom remodel and how to stay organized.

Figure Out What You Want

The first stage of design is to get your head in the clouds and really play with ideas. Come up with the things you really want in your bathroom. You don’t have to be completely grounded yet. This step is about ideas and concepts. It helps to make a list of the things you want and rank them.

Find Real Options

Once you have a list of ideas, then it’s time to ground everything with real options. You have colors in mind, so now you can explore tile, stone, or other finishing materials to see exactly what colors and patterns are available and how much they cost.

Essentially, you want to find products for all of your ideas and price them. Once you do, you can check your budget and start to narrow down your options. This is where the real decisions are made, and you’ll have to make some compromises. None of us are made of money, so it’s important to spend time on this step to choose options that are equally enjoyable and practical.

Double and Triple Check

You’re almost ready to start the project. Now, it’s all about diligence. Go back through your entire list of decisions. Make sure it’s all within budget. Make sure all of the products, materials, and options are currently available. Make sure you have the means for installation for all of it too.


If it all checks out, then it’s time to get quotes on the project. That’s the last part of the equation. If you can get a quote that matches up to your planning, you’re good to go.

Never Shy Away From Help

Of course, finding all of the things can be a lot of work. It helps to have access to experts, and that’s why you should remember AZ Bathmasters. We do this for a living, and we’ll be happy to lend you our expertise and experience. Our process includes planning and design, so we can help you map out the entire project before you commit to your renovation. Contact us today to get started.

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