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Our Custom Luxury Bathroom Remodels vs Traditional Bathroom Remodels

When it’s time for a new bathroom, you have some decisions to make. You can try to pinch pennies and just focus on replacing things that no longer function. Or, you can embrace modern luxury and get the bathroom you really want.

You can settle somewhere in between these options as well, and something that might help you make the right decision for you is to really think about cookie-cutter remodel options and how they compare to custom luxury solutions.

Cookie Cutter Options

Cookie-cutter options exist for a reason. They’re inexpensive — at least compared to many other bathroom remodel options. You can get prefabricated BCI tubs and showers. They aren’t luxury items, but they are built to last, and they’re quite functional.


When you go with cookie-cutter choices, you can get a cheap remodel that works sufficiently and doesn’t really leave much of an impression. Everything is the same almost white color. The textures are uniform. You don’t get any sharp aesthetic lines, interesting colors, or any of the luxury feel that you want in your bathroom.

The Custom Luxury Look and Feel

On the other hand, you can opt for custom luxury remodel choices. With AZ Bathmasters, we have more than you might imagine. We can do custom tile schemes that give you endless color and texture choices. 

We have a range of luxury fixtures so you can have a wonderful rain head shower or any other arrangement that you prefer. We can install a custom tub that lets you soak and appreciate your beautiful new bathroom. Most of all, you get choices. You can select from innumerable options to get exactly what you want. 

Your bathroom remodel doesn’t have to fit into a box. You can customize your selection, steer into luxury, and end up with a bathroom that looks amazing, feels nice and clean, improves the value of your home, and just plain makes you happy. It’s all available. The craziest part is that custom luxury options don’t have to be as expensive as you might fear. Modern technology has made a lot of things more approachable. Especially when you consider the value that your improvements can add to your home, the custom luxury approach is sometimes the economically superior approach.

Let AZ Bathmasters Handle Your Remodel

If you like the idea of custom luxury, then AZ Bathmasters is here to help. We can work with you to design your new bathroom. We’ll take you through the many options you have from tubs and showers to specialized fixtures and everything in between. When you lay it all out, then we’ll handle the remodel as well. We’ll install everything professionally, and when we’re done, your new luxury bathroom will feel like a wonderland. Contact us today to get started.


AZ BathMasters is a locally owned and operated bathroom remodeling company specializing in Cultured Marble Tyvarian shower and tub conversions, walk-in-showers, and tub and shower side-by-sides. Our conversions produce a fresh, clean, and beautiful atmosphere and with over 200 color and design choices we know you will find just what you are looking for.


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